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October 2016 Dawn won a bronze award from Global Music Awards for her song 'I Remember Christmas (and the Bright Red Bulb)

In 1989 Dawn Won the title of Female Vocalist of the Year from the southern California Regional and California State CCMA (California country music awards). She then went on to win the coveted Nationals Title from the CMAA (country music associations of America) She went back in 1990 to sweep the regional - state - and nationals again! Dawn became known as the extraordinary vocalist who came to California out of nowhere to sweep the awards as never before and then walk away to pursue her musical dreams through her own music which spans a much
broader spectrum.
Female vocalist or the year Regional 1988, 1989 & 1990
Female Vocalist of the Year State 1988, 1989 & 1990
Female Vocalist of the Year National 1989 & 1990
Song of the year 'Hardly Working' 1990
Guitar palyer of the year
Keyboard player of the year
Bass player of the year
Female Entertainer of the year
Songwriter of the year
Drummer of the year
Fiddle player of the year
Dawn and her Band Daybreak recieved sealed Certificates of Appreciation and for outstanding achievment from the CCMA (California Country Music Association) in 1989, 1990 and 1991  

Dawn was awarded honors from Biltmore Who's Who and was included in the 2006 Biltmore Who's  Who  for demonstrating leadership and achievement in her occupation, industry or profession.  In 2008 Dawn was nominated  by the International Review Board of the American Biographical institute for inclusion in the tenth anniversary commemorative Edition of the International who's who of Professional and business women.  Dawn has also been listed on the who's who of American Women, Marquis who's who, Who's Who Historical society and Phenomenal Women of the Web 2001 .

In 1999 Dawn was presented  the International Library of Poetry Editor's Choice Award. Dawn is also published and recognized by the International Society of Poets.

February 4th 2010 Dawn recieved a Certificate of Support and was recognized for her support of the Victory in Vancouver Campaign and commitment to Team U.S.A. by the United States Olympic Committee.

Dawn has also received a certification for meeting the strict requirements set forth by the Congress of the United States of America to be accepted for Official Membership in the American Legion.
September 13th 2001 Dawn recieved a certification for successfully completing the Internet Marketing Workshop in Austin, Texas.

May 21st 1996 Dawn recieved and Award - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services presented her with a Certificate of Excellence in Academic Achievement  for Mt San Jacinto College in San Jacinto, California.

In 1991 and  1992 Dawn Maracle Fan Club was Certified and officially recognized by the International Fan Club Organization, the worlds most active fan club group.

June 12th 1969 Dawn recieved her first musical award from West Genesee Jr. High School for Girls' Swing Choir.

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